What is Ola’s Privacy policy?
Ola is fully committed to protecting your privacy. As part of our commitment, we protect your information and provide you with our highest security means. We provide transparency as to the measures we take to collect, store, and use your information. We honor your personal preferences and provide you the flexibility to manage your data. To learn more about our privacy policy, visit:


Can I install the Ola camera by myself?
Yes. The Ola camera was designed for easy installation. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors. To mount it on a wall, you will need to use the provided wall mount. The wall mount can be magnetically attached to a metal surface or installed using the provided screws. You will need to ensure Wi-Fi coverage and an electrical outlet with 9.5 ft./2.8M.
Can I install multiple cameras?

Yes. You can add as many Ola cameras as you want. You will be able to view and manage all connected cameras from a single Ola Camera app.

Can I install my Ola camera outdoors?

Yes. The Ola camera and its wall mount have an IP66 weatherproof rating. The camera can be installed outdoors and withstand heavy rain, wind, and snow. The provided power adapter is not weatherproof. This means that if you want to use an outdoor outlet, the adapter should be placed in a weatherproof casing/cabinet. Use the Ola camera only in temperatures between -40 °F to 122 °F (-40 to 50 ).


Can the Ola camera recognize faces?

Yes, with an Ola Sense subscription, you can name familiar faces and create alerts about your close friends, family or staff.  

Can Ola recognize individuals from behind or covering their face?

Ola goes beyond standard person detection and face recognition technologies. Ola uses a complex set of integrated technologies to recognize human movement and behavior. For example, Ola can alert you if your elderly parent has had a fall even if your parent’s face is concealed. 

Ola can alert you if there is an unwelcome visitor to your property even if the intruder is masked or wears a hat. 

Can Ola alert me when my packages arrive?

Yes, with an Ola Sense subscription, Ola will let you know when your packages have been delivered or moved.

Can Ola recognize unusual or suspicious activity?

Yes, Ola can let you when someone has had a fall or when a stranger enters your property and more. 

Tech specs

What is the video resolution?

The Ola camera can produce video footage of up to 1080p (1920 x 1080) at up to 30 FPS.

Does the Ola camera include a speaker?

The Ola camera features a built-in speaker that enables two-way communication through the Ola Camera app. This feature is not currently available, but it will be enabled in one of the upcoming versions.

Does the Ola camera feature a microphone?

Yes. The Ola camera features three microphones, which are located at the top of the camera in the front and the two sides. These microphones are used to recognize situations even when the individual is not visible to the camera, such as a cry for help, a baby crying, etc..